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Ease of Use


Machining should be easy. You need a mill that works for you, not the other way round. That's why using our 1100M and 1100MX is simple. They're scalable, fit into small spaces, cut almost anything, are intuitive, easy to programme and so much more.

Is a Tormach Mill the right choice for you?

Businesses that produce products to sell need to run efficiently. From a practical standpoint everything needs to 'fit'. In an ideal world, your business would produce a steady stream of products and several members of your team would be trained to use all production equipment without hassle. We understand you need something that can fit into a workshop, is easy to use, has a robust training suite, won’t break the bank, and all the while doing what you need it to do.

We have just the solution for you

Scalable to suit your needs

No matter how big or small your ideas, Tormach has the answer. Both the 1100M & 1100MX CNC mills are available in different packages to suit all your machining needs.

Entry | Starter | Standard | Premium

Each machine is ideal for the hobbyist, educational institution or commercial workshop alike thanks to their ability to handle one-off projects, short-run productions, rapid prototyping or complex secondary operations. Our machines are also modular so you can buy in at a price you can afford. As your needs grow, simply purchase and install additional accessories as required. Our newly designed, plug-and-play accessories - like the ATC, 4th axis, or chucker lathe - let you easily and quickly upgrade to increase productivity.


America's favorite controller


An easy to use, reliable controller

PathPilot is Tormach’s in-house intelligent controller and the brain of all our machines. It's easy to use, simple to learn and you will never have to pay for a software upgrade again. Plus, even though it can handle even the toughest project, no previous machine experience is required and the short learning curve means you can start almost straight away. Pathpilot also has intuitive and powerful conversational programming baked right in. So you can now create programs at the machine even if you don’t know G-code or CAM! 

PathPilot’s simple yet powerful tab system interface makes even the most intricate projects easy to navigate. Plus, because you can also access Tormach’s PathPilot experts and an extensive library of documentation, you can solve any technical problem you might face - no matter how challenging.

PathPilot can support up to 4-axis continuous machining, has intuitive conversational programming, 80 GB of system program memory,  a Built-in Dropbox™ for seamlessly transferring programs, block look-ahead, conversational programming, and free network support, and all right out of the box!

It’s the 21st century, you’ve got better things to spend money on rather than new “options” for a CNC controller!

Fits into small spaces

Workshop space is always a factor for anyone looking to invest in new machinery. You need a machine that can fit easily into your current set up.

No matter if you're a large manufacturer looking for a secondary machine, an educator running a tight workshop, or a dedicated hobbyist looking to install at home, a Tormach is perfect.

Both the Tormach 1100M & 1100MX fit into spaces the big boys simply can’t and perform with capabilities other small mills simply won’t. 

Cut anything

When buying a new CNC milling machine, you want to be sure it can handle anything you throw its way. You don't want projects grinding to a halt because your spindle can't handle the materials.

Some people are surprised that Tormach’s machine tools can cut challenging materials like stainless steel or titanium. They get fooled by the budget-friendly price!

Operating at over 7500 RPM, the spindle has enough horsepower to cut titanium and other tough metals without the risk of damage if crashed. Not only that, but if you need to replace your spindle after it’s gone to the great CNC machine shop in the sky, you only need to spend hundreds rather than thousands to get back to cutting chips.

Easy Installation

When budgeting for a new machine, you don't want any nasty surprises - like pricy fitting costs! That's why we decided to design both the 1100M & 1100MX for easy home installation to save you money.

But if you do have any installation issues, with a Tormach you always have peace of mind you can access our in-house team of dedicated machinists and engineers to guide you through.

The 1100M & 1100MX also come with a pre-installed fourth axis wiring kit meaning you can have the machine up and running from the very first day. 
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Easy to maintain

As a company of dedicated machinists ourselves, we know a tidy workspace is a happy workspace. Which is why both the 1100M and 1100MX are designed to ensure everyday maintenance is as simple as possible.

With rail sliding doors on the front and large access panels to the rear, it’s easy and simple to both replace and maintain worn parts. Also, the spacious chip pans on both the Tormach 1100M & 1100MX are designed with coolant chip management in mind. Chips flow through stainless steel funnels straight into a central large capacity coolant tank with an inbuilt coolant sensor.

No mess. No fuss.

Be part of a community with Tormach 

Purchasing a Tormach isn't just you buying a new machine. It's about joining a community. Because Tormarch is a 100% employee-owned company, we understand our customers are an integral part of who we are.

Choosing a Tormach also means you have access to our friendly, knowledgeable online community of passionate machinists. The Tormach online community is the perfect place to exchange machining ideas, advice and knowledge. Check out our Connect With Us page