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NC3 Curriculum & Certification

Tormach is a proud industry partner to the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) a non-profit organization serving nearly 2,000 secondary and post-secondary intuitions worldwide.




Attend an upcoming xsTECH or 24R CNC Router train-the-trainer event led by expert Master Instructors at an NC3 certified leadership school near you.


Get access to NC3 turnkey presentation materials, labs, and exams for the xsTECH or 24R CNC Router.


Certify your students in CNC fundamentals with the xsTECH or 24R CNC Router Certification from NC3.

Professional Development

To become certified in the NC3 and Tormach certification, instructors must attend a Train-the-Trainer. The NC3 Train-the-Trainer events are hands-on professional development opportunities for instructors to become certified. Hosted at NC3-certified Leadership (Member) Schools and led by expert Master Instructors, these events offer a classroom experience for instructors to learn and become experts in the newest certifications, allowing them to bring their transformed knowledge back to their classrooms.

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Train-the-Trainer Event Schedule


The NC3 certification curriculum is a complete turn-key system of classroom presentation materials, labs, and exams. NC3 certification supplements a school’s existing curriculum with theory and hands-on practice. Students graduate with the most up-to-date knowledge and competencies valued and required by employers.

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The NC3 and Tormach certification gives students exceptional hands-on experience, provides access to the most current, relevant curriculum available, and addresses skilled workforce needs regionally and nationally.  All NC3 certifications are criterion-referenced assessments with hands-on lab activities as well as competency evaluations; which are used to measure a student's ability to demonstrate learned competencies. A final comprehensive knowledge-based test must be completed to achieve the industry certification through the NC3 certification portal.

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