"Tormach is filling a major need in the market for well-priced, capable machines that anyone can get started on"

- Titan Gilroy

Yes, they cut titanium, plastics and anything between.

Base Price: $12,195

The Starter Package for the 770M has everything you need to get started. Comes with a mill stand, tooling, and PathPilot controller.

Base Price: $16,030

Take the 770M Starter Package, add a power drawbar, an enclosure, and an automatic oiler. You know what you get? A gold-standard Standard Package.

Base Price: $22,879

With the addition of an automatic tool changer, electronic tool setter, and touchscreen, you’ll be CNC milling in style with your very own 770M.


what titan has to say about us:

"I see just this maker movement, I see these Engineers and kids going to college and buying these machines and they're able to plug them into their outlets in their garage."

Titan Gilroy


"You could literally buy a legit CNC machine for $7,000 and up, and then have an Academy on how to design the parts, program the parts, and machine the parts."

Titan Gilroy


"It's a cool machine, I want it in my garage at home."

Titan Gilroy


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Easy to learn, easy to use

  • Cost-effective. All the other kinds of effective, too. Get cutting, get making, using high-value, well-appointed machines. 
  • If it's included, it's included. We eliminated headaches like costly upgrades or the kind of a la carte pricing that holds advanced features behind a paywall.
  • Program, learn, and train with PathPilot HUB. All you need is a login (which won't cost a thing) and an internet connection, and you can start programming.

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The Academy

Titans of CNC Video ThumbnailTITANS of CNC: Academy FREE curriculum covers the fundamentals of CNC machining, fixturing, live tooling, to advanced 5-axis machining. Their team's experience in aerospace machining uniquely qualified them to create the most comprehensive CNC education platform. This project-based approach helps to build skills and understanding through repetition and “technique stacking.” Each video tutorial walks students step-by-step through the entire process to achieve success and comprehension.

And now available: TITAN Building Blocks programming tutorials for low HP machines featuring Tormach's 770M+ Mill.



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