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    Introducing the xsTECH Router

    Hands-on CNC training for the classroom

    Approachable CNC

    Learn CNC with the xsTECH Router

    The xsTECH Router is a desktop CNC that encourages hands-on learning of advanced manufacturing skills with a full-featured CNC controller.

    The xsTECH Router is a desktop CNC Router designed for the classroom
    The xsTECH Router is powered by PathPilot, the same CNC controller used on larger Tormach CNC machines.

    Powered by PathPilot

    Learn industry skills with a full-featured CNC controller

    The xsTECH Router uses the same PathPilot control as our larger Tormach CNC tools.  You'll learn programming skills that are directly applicable to advanced manufacturing careers with PathPilot's intuitive user interface that's accessible and full-featured.

    Designed for Learning

    Safe and approachable - no experience needed

    The xsTECH Router builds confidence while being forgiving of mistakes that come as students learn a new skill.  Novice learners can be hands-on with the tool from day one.

    The xsTECH Router is a CNC desktop router designed for hand-on classroom learning

    No-cost classroom simulators

    Expand your classroom reach with PathPilot Hub, a cloud-based CNC simulator and offline programming tool that runs on a web browser so you can use it inside and outside of the classroom.

    PathPilot Hub is a free CNC simulator and off-line programming tool that can run in any web browser.
    The Tormach xsTECH Router is a desktop CNC Router that teaches hands-on CNC skills directly applicable to professional CNC tools like the Tormach 1100MX milling machine

    Classroom Successes

    Don't take our word for it


    “Hands-on time with the tools is critical to student success.  the xsTECH router and PathPilot HUB let me get students learning CNC much earlier than I used to. ”


    Matt Schultz

    Technology and Engineering Instructor, Kenosha Unified School District

    “What sold me was how easy it was for students to use.  They are learning even if they don't know it”

    Chris Meyer
    Founder, Sector 67 Hackerspace

    The xsTECH Router by Tormach is a fully-enclosed desktop CNC router designed for the classroom.

    xsTECH Routers are available Fall 2019

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